About miniMiss

Unique design and high quality, stylish, colorful, suitable for different life occasions HANDMADE hair accessories for girls - bows, hair ties, necklaces, hairbands, elastics headbands, hair pins and their sets in the boxes will allow girls to be a charming, get exceptional feelings and gratify all his broad smile. "miniMiss" hair accessories will fit all the girls - from the colorful and playful for small girl to classic for a teenager. Accessories could be worn every day, on holidays or special occasions, and their sets on boxes especially suitable for gift.

Hair accessories models are designed and manufactured according to the girls and their mothers' needs: handmade, high quality, colorful, stylish, practical, very durable, easy and simple to use - after all you could decorate by accessories not only hairs, but also hats, hair bands, dresses, shoes and so on. The range, depending on your preference, is constantly updated.

"miniMiss" is the best girls friend, so she always want to make girls happy.

"miniMiss" gives a joy and implement colored girls dreams!


Tel. No. +370 686 65548

info@arpino.lt, info@minimiss.lt


Company code 302856697

VAT code LT100008349019

Adress – Tilto str. 22, Uzugriovio village., Rieses dstr., Vilniaus region.

Account Nr. LT297300010132872365

AB Swedbank – 73000,