Product replacement, return and maintenance 


Our goal is the customers satisfaction with the goods they purchased. The exact description of the product makes it easy to choose the most suitable product, assess its size and configuration, if you have any questions about the product, please contact by mail, but if it happened, that the product didn't match your expectations (size, color ect.), we can replace it or take back - when we assess whether the product complies with the requirements of product exchange and return.

About your will to replace or return the product you have to be report within 7 days of receipt of the goods by e-mail

Exchange and return conditions:

If the purchased product did not meet your expectations, we can take back the product or we can replace it. Product we can change to another similar product or to another model. If the model price is different, you repay the difference or we refunding the money. Returning shipping costs you will have to pay us, and new product shipping will be based on standard tariffs for the delivery of goods, so carefully read the description of the item, if you have any questions please contact us

 Note: If the returned item meets the requirements the money will be returned to you into your account.

If we determine that you have received a faulty product or erroneously received the wrong item (s), the goods will be replaced and the faulty product will refund the money (will be refunded the amount that was paid specifically for the product if the product has been used for buying discount coupon or virtual Eur, respectively returned amount will be converted), in which case the total cost of shipping will cost you nothing.