1. Definitions

1.1. Seller -  UAB "ARPINO" registered in Lithuanian Republic Centre of Registers, Vilnius Branch, legal entity code 302856697, VAT code LT100008349019, address Tilto str. 22, Užugriovio village, Riešės sen., Vilniaus region.
1.2. minimiss.world - Seller's website and e-shop.
1.3. Buyer - 1) capable individual person, i. a. person who has attained the age of majority, which legal abilities is not restricted to a court order; 2) a minor from fourteen to eighteen years of age who have parents or guardians, except when it is emancipated; 3) a legal person; 4) all of the above mentioned persons duly authorized representatives.
1.4. Seller's partner - legal person, who is selling Seller's products or provides certain services related to the Seller's product sale and delivery.
1.5. Personal data - the buyer's name, delivery address, telephone number, email address, IP address, gender and age of the buyer.
1.6. Rules - online shop www.minimiss.world rules.
1.7. Account - the result of Buyer's registration on minimiss.world, which is generating the personal data and order's history saving acount.

2 General provisions
2.1. Rules after approval by the Buyer (read the rules and selecting the box next to the statement "I read and agree with minimiss.world rules ") are parties to a legally binding document outlining the Buyer's and Seller's rights and obligations, the acquisition of goods and payment for these conditions, delivery and recovery procedures, responsibilities and other countries to purchase goods - selling online store minimiss.world associated conditions.
2.2. Seller have the right to change, edit or supplement the Rules at any time. About any changes, corrections or additions Buyers will be informed signed in www.minimiss.world or buying goods for the first time after a new version of the Rules entered into force. The new version of the Rules shall enter into force following publication in the site www.minimiss.world. To buy in e-shop Minimiss.world could only entitled Buyers, as defined in paragraph 1.3 of the Rules. Buyer, confirming the Regulations, confirms that he has the right to buy goods in online shop Minimiss.world.

3. Protection of personal data
3.1. I agree that minimiss.world will manage my name, address, e-mail, phone number and IP address in operational analysis and direct marketing purposes.
3.2. If the Buyer does not want his data, specified in paragraph 3.3 could be using for direct marketing purposes, the Buyer must didn't note the mark in 3.3 paragraph. If the check mark in point 3.3 Buyer noted, however, after the goods and / or services, the acquisition does not want to 3.3. referred data used for direct marketing or performance analysis purposes, the Buyer must login in to his account on www.minimiss.world and will remove the checkmark which is next to the "Newsletter by email, and / or the "News by SMS"  and click "Update". Also, in all cases, the Buyer can write an e-mail info@minimiss.lt and inform that he does not want to receive e-mails and / or SMS messages.

3.3. Seller confirms that the Buyer's personal data will be processed only for purposes of selling goods and services in e-shop Minimiss.world as well as performance analysis and direct marketing purposes (except where the Buyer do not wish to take his personal data for direct marketing purposes). Seller agrees to disclose the buyer's personal data to third parties, except in the following cases:
3.3.1. if there is a buyer's consent;
3.3.2. the order or the provision of other services - Seller's partners, providing delivery of the buyer or other subscribed services;
3.3.3. law enforcement authorities of the Republic of Lithuania statutory procedures;
3.3.4. if necessary to prevent criminal acts or the need for them to investigate.
3.4. The buyer shall have the following rights:
3.4.1. know (be informed) about the processing of personal data;
3.4.2. access to his personal data and will know how they are processed;
3.4.3. to obtain the information from the source and type of his personal data collected, the purpose for which they are processed, the recipients to whom the data has been submitted and to provide at least the past 1 (one) year;
3.4.4. to demand rectification or destruction of his personal data or suspension of processing operations when data is processed outside the Personal Data Protection Act and other statutory provisions, except as provided in the Rules;
3.4.5. object to the processing of his personal data, but in this case, buyers will not have access to the goods and / or services on e-shop Minimiss.world.
3.5. Buyer agree in advance that the seller has the right to keep his data on the server for an indefinite period, if the data provided by the buyer were (i) used in illegal acts or (ii) has been suspected fulfilled identity theft or other damage, which has been or will be carried out appropriate law enforcement investigation, and (iii) if the Seller has received complaints related to the same buyer, or if the seller is observed from the buyer committed violations of the Rules, or (iv) for all other legitimate purposes to protect personal data.
3.6. According to the Rules 10.2.2, 10.3.3 and 10.4.3 points, the buyer's personal identification document and it contents  shall be used only for the proper identification of the person's identity by Seller, postal employee or courier service employee.
3.7. In order that in e-shop Minimiss.world to Buyer shall be provided complete range of services, in the buyer computer (device) Seller record information - cookies. The seller uses the recorded information to identificate the buyer from the previous Minimiss.world online shopping session, information about purchases, buyer's shopping cart, the e-shop Minimiss.world attendance statistics collection. The buyer has the opportunity to review the information (cookies) Seller records, and may remove part or all of the saved cookies. The buyer also has the right to object to be recorded and used for information (cookies) on his computer (device), but in this case, certain online store Minimiss.world functions may not be available to him. Buyer, by confirming Rules, agrees that information will be recorded into his computer (device). The Buyer may withdraw this consent at any time, by chaging his web browser settings or applying to the Seller by in online store Minimiss.world listed contacts.
3.8. Any request or instruction relating to the processing of personal data, the Buyer must provide the Seller in writing in one of the following ways: 1) by submitting a request or instruction directly to the Seller at Tilto str. 22, LT-14256 Vilniaus r., 2) by sending a request or instruction to a point in the Rules specified address or e-mail address info@minimiss.lt of Rules 3.2. referred to your e-mail address. The seller, buyer's receipt of such a request or order, no later than thirty (30) calendar days provided to the buyer a written response to the request and performs the action or refuse to carry them out.

4. Ordering of goods, the moment of creation legal purchase - sale relationships 
4.1. Buyers can order goods online shop Minimiss.world in two ways:
4.1.1. by registering (by entering a username and password) on the site www.minimiss.world;
4.1.2. without registering on the site www.minimiss.world.
4.2. The buyer, ordering goods in one of the ways referred on 3.1 paragraph of the Rules, must provide relevant information of their personal data which is necessary for proper ordering of the goods: name, delivery address, telephone number and e-mail address, also can optionally specify their gender and age. Buyer agrees that the submitted e-mail address and phone number will be sent notifications that are necessary to fulfill the order for goods. The buyer also agrees that the personal data of the buyer or in part are communicated to the Seller partners (processors) in order to properly execute the order and / or adequately provide the services ordered.
4.3. From the moment the buyer selecting the purchase (s) product (s) and adding it to the shopping cart, click the "Pay", it is assumed that between the seller and the buyer emerged legal purchase - sales relationship.
4.4. Each buyer's order is stored in electronic stores Minimiss.world database.

5. Buyer's rights
5.1. The buyer has the right to buy the goods and services by these Rules ordered in online store Minimiss.world. Ordering services buyer may be subject to Seller's partners set Terms of Service.
5.2. The buyer has the right to refuse the order of these Rules.
5.3. The buyer has the right to return goods purchased Rules.
5.4. Buyer has other rights enshrined in these Rules.

6. Customer Obligations
6.1. The buyer, using the e-shop Minimiss.world undertakes to comply with these rules, other conditions clearly set out the online store, and to preserve the Lithuanian legislation.
6.2. Signed up on www.minimiss.world site or using an e - shop Minimiss.world without registration, the Buyer undertakes to ensure that the information and personal data are not misleading or incorrect.
6.3. If are changed in buyer registration form provideed personal data, the Buyer shall be immediately update it.
6.4. The buyer is committed to protecting login to his account data, transfer them to third parties and. Buyer understands that it is directly responsible for the damage caused by the illegal use of the Buyer's account, when the buyer failed to protect his login information, and they became known and / or available to third parties.
6.5. If the buyer login data becomes known to third parties, the Buyer must immediately inform the Seller within one business day.
6.6. The buyer commits site www.minimiss.world register only once, not to create more than one account, unless the connection to the buyer's account data has become known to third parties.
6.7. When connecting to the Buyer's account data has become known to third parties, the seller cancels the account and gives the buyer the right to create a new account.
6.8. The buyer must pay for the ordered goods and take them by these Rules. 

7. Seller's rights
7.1.The seller has the right to change or suspend the functions, elements, terminate certain functionalities of the site www.minimiss.world.

7.2. The seller has the right to suspend or terminate the online store Minimiss.world activities.

7.3. The seller has the right to change the services offered by the online shop Minimiss.world, or provision of a way to stop, interrupt service or part thereof, tax services or part of the services.
7.4. The seller will have the discretion to set and change the minimum size of a basket of goods, e.g. the minimum amount at which the buyer will take place reservations. The amount shown in reviewing your cart.
7.5. If the buyer is trying to damage the site www.minimiss.world job stability and security, or do not fulfill their obligations, the seller has the right to immediately and without notice to limit or suspend the buyer opportunities to use the site www.minimiss.world or, in exceptional cases, eliminate the buyer's account.
7.6. The seller shall be entitled to advance notice of the buyer to cancel the order if the buyer chooses the Rules 9.2.1 and 9.2.2 above provided payment methods, does not pay for the goods within three (3) working days.
7.7. When the buyer chooses the Rules 9.2.3 above the method of payment - in cash at the time of the trade, the seller, there is confusion on the order of the information provided, shall have the right to contact with the buyer's order to the e-mail address of delivery in which case the term begins to run from the communication with the customer. The seller shall be entitled to advance notice of the buyer to cancel the order if the seller fails to contact the Buyer within three (3) business days after placing the order.